5 weird (but delicious) cracker combos!

I always have weird food cravings, some of which are gross, and others which are surprisingly delectable.

Most of these combos have been discovered on sunny afternoons in the kitchen. Tell me if you tried any of them!

  1. Crackers and Mixed Fruit Jam

This combo is my absolute favourite! I use plain no flavour crackers because it brings out the flavours of the jam and makes it sweet. It sounds weird, but because the crackers are plain, it really doesn't make a difference. Marmalade in place of jam is not a bad idea either but I would keep this my first preference.

2. Crackers and Cheese

I eat applewood smoked cheddar cheese with crackers. It's my favourite type of cheese. If you are not getting it, normal smoked gouda cheese is also a good replacement. Again, in this, I use plain no flavour crackers. But a slightly flavourful one wouldn't hurt. The applewood smoked cheddar cheese is quite strong in flavour so, it would cover the taste of the cracker.

3. Crackers and any flavourful spread

By spread, I mean a mayonnaise-texture spread. If you want to get creative, you can also make your own spread. Take normal mayo, put a bit of oregano, chilli flakes and a pinch of salt. Just stir that up and put it onto your cracker!

4. Crackers and Nutella

You will have to use plain no flavour crackers or else it will taste bad. Nutella is very sweet and the cracker is quite dry, so this requires an acquired taste. Otherwise, it's really nice.

5. The famous cracker pizza (my way)

I made a discovery a few days back that pizza sauce doesn't actually have to be cooked and eaten with something. It doesn't taste bad when it is raw. If you spread very little pizza sauce onto a cracker and drizzle it with some shredded cheese, it tastes good. I recommend you put a considerable amount of cheese so that it covers up the rawness of the pizza sauce. Use a cheese which bursts with flavours. And don't worry, your stomach won't go bad.

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