Oh Lady Macbeth!

What a dreadful sin you have committed,

Taking the life of another,

Is never the way,

To fulfill your deepest ambition.

Oh Lady Macbeth!

The damned spot will never go away,

Because what you have done,

Shall never be erased.

Oh Lady Macbeth!

The terror you feel at night,

And the secrets you reveal,

While you walk in your sleep,

Is everything you deserve,

For the people you destroyed.

Oh Lady Macbeth!

Neither the priests' prayers,

Nor the perfumes of Arabia,

Shall ever obliterate,

That feeling of guilt.

We were asked to write a poem on Lady Macbeth, the popular literary character in the play 'Macbeth' by William Shakespeare, for my English Literature class. This is my interpretation.

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