Her hands lingered towards her phone. She had to message him, she just had to. She was shaking because of nervousness. She didn't know what to do except text him. But a voice in her head told her not to, it said that he'll run away, both of them may never be friends again. He had admitted what he felt to her a few weeks back, she was so happy. But immediately, a weight was kept on her shoulders. After that day, her anxiety spiked up. She hadn't even seen him for two months and she missed him and his silliness. She felt a need to talk to him, not over messages but face-to-face. She finally made the decision that she was going to say what was on her mind.

The damage had been done, it couldn't be reversed. She waited for his reply with bated breath. She knew he wouldn't reply instantly, so she gave him some time.

As she went to sleep at night, the only thing that was on her mind was him. The next day, she woke up and the first she did was check her phone. No reply. She checked it regularly the whole day but he hadn't even read it. It took two whole days for him to read it and he finally replied.

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