The 1918 Pandemic vs The 2019 Pandemic

We are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. People who lived 101 years ago were in the middle of one too. This is a comparative study between the 1918 pandemic and the 2019 pandemic.


What happened in 1918?

In the spring of 1918, a military personnel of the United States of America was infected with the Spanish Flu a.k.a Influenza. Between the years of 1918-1919, it spread worldwide. It is estimated that 800 million people got infected with the virus. The deaths were estimated to be about 50 million worldwide. Out of this number, 12 million Indians died.

What exactly is the Flu?

Influenza attacks the respiratory system and is highly contagious. It spreads when a person coughs or sneezes and the droplets sit on a person or an object. If the person is infected with the virus and somebody else touches the droplets, rubs his or her eyes, nose or touches their mouth get infected too.

How long did it last?

From what I researched, the flu pandemic lasted for about 2 years. Each source has a different period of time, so I can't be sure.

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms you have the flu are:

  1. Fever

  2. Chills

  3. Sore throat

  4. Dry Cough

  5. Runny Nose

  6. Headache


What happened in 2019?

On 31st December 2019, Wuhan Municipal Health Commission, China, reported a cluster of cases of pneumonia in Wuhan, Hubei Province.

A novel coronavirus was detected.

What exactly is the coronavirus?

Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. It spreads the same way the flu does.

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms for the novel coronavirus are:

  1. Fever

  2. Dry cough

  3. Shortness of breath

  4. Fatigue

  5. Respiratory distress

Stay safe and stay healthy!


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